Biology-Themed Teapot at David’s Tea, Gift Suggestion #7


Package includes teapot, infuser, and two mugs. It’s a tea party in a box.

Sold at Canadian chain David’s Tea, which recently opened a branch on Bleecker Street, the Bubble brand teapot also comes with a tea infuser that fits in the top of the pot, and two teacups.

The porcelain-white ceramic pot is decorated with reproductions of 19th-century taxonomic engravings for that faux-nostalgia and faux-scientific feel — there are a couple of fish, a mushroom, and a hummingbird with an oddly curved beak.

Priced at $29.95, if feels like an onslaught of Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa presents, instead of a single one.

The shop is worth visiting on its own, if only for the Canadian courtesy of the clerks, and strange collection of cultish tea paraphernalia and infusables. Pot stores in California must have just this atmosphere.

David’s Tea
275 Bleecker Street

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