Danny Tenaglia


Christmas day is going to be stressful, right? Lots of small talk, the stress of trying to remember which cookbook goes to which uncle, the energy exerted in feigning surprise when that uncle got you, in return, the new Gym Class Heroes CD. “I heard you were into music, and these guys seem pretty hip?” he’ll say. And yeah, you are into music, but the music you’re into certainly isn’t this worst-of-both-worlds crossover crap. You wan’t something that you can dance to, four-on-the-floor, bass that will make grandma’s artificial knees wobble. So you say goodbye to your family head to Pacha to catch Danny Tenaglia DJ 17 years of hits, and hey, all of a sudden, maybe the holidays aren’t that bad after all.

Sun., Dec. 25, 10 p.m., 2011