The Best Korean Food Court In Town


I’ve been keeping this place a personal secret for way too long, and it’s starting to make me feel selfish.

Even more selfish than usual.

So let me urge you to try Food Gallery 32 (11 West 32nd Street), a three-floor food court in the heart of Koreatown where, past the Red Mango on the way in, there are individually owned little outlets of great variety and quality.

You pick your favorite food stand and put in your order, upon which they give you a buzzer that lights up and vibrates when the stuff is ready.


And it’s a steal!

For eight bucks and change, you can get chicken with teriyaki sauce, miso soup, salad, and rice!

(I’m not sure how Korean that all is, but it’s crazily delish, so who cares?)

Then take your tray up to the third floor and order Korean dessert, like little macaroons or tangy Jell-O concoctions, plus coffee, as you watch the Korean pop videos in the white, sleek environment.

There. I feel better now.

And I’ll feel even more amazing after I go to Food Gallery 32 immediately!