The Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree Gets a (Hipster) Time-Lapse Video


Everything good and decent in this world gets a time-lapse video, right? Right. Such is the case for the Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree, created by 26-year-old Aussie expat Julian Cole. Watch the stylized time-lapse of the making, by Chris Kirkinis, and feel holiday-ish. There are snowflakes. There are hoodies!

Yesterday Cole, who works in advertising in New York City and lives in Williamsburg, told us ​that the tree had taken him about 6 hours to create in real time. It’s made of numerous cans of PBR, sneakers (painted red and green), a Metrocard star, and other accoutrement. As for the elephant in the room: He doesn’t care if you call it “hipster” or not; he just wants people to like it (and add to it, if they see fit).

Cole says the tree was up the last time he checked; he’s hoping it remains so until he can dismantle it on Christmas Day. He also says the tree has a Twitter account now (of course it does).

We feel Christmasy; how about you?

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