This Week in the Voice: The Government’s Hidden Informant, Gowanus’ Littleneck


This week in the Voice, out today: Graham Rayman breaks the story of Angel Perez, the shady federal informant in Miami that scammed the government into a $2.5 million investigation of a false death threat against a U.S. Attorney.

Robert Sietsema reviews Littleneck, a new clam shack in Gowanus.

Occupy Wall Street has shifted part of its focus to reclaiming foreclosed properties. Nick Pinto explores the new tactics.

Andy Beta profiles Escort, a band whose disco sound hearkens back to the “glossy, decadent dance music that the city churned out at a coke-fueled pace throughout the 1970s and into the ’80s.”

A review of the new Roman Polanski film Carnage, by Karina Longsworth.

Pete Kotz on how “insiders use the college bowl system to loot American universities.”

J. Robert Zeigler’s guide to this year’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

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