Olio Verde Novello (Green Olive Oil) at Buon Italia, Gift Suggestion #9


Note that “E.V.” on the sign stands for “Extra Virgin,” not “East Village.”

What’s cloudy and pine-tree green? Olio Verde Novello, sometimes called New Olive Oil or Green Olive Oil.

It represents olive oil pressed as soon as the olives are harvested in the fall and shipped immediately. Unlike the mellow olive oils that have aged somewhat, this product has a bitter edge and a verdant flavor that makes you feel like you’re standing in the olive grove and shaking the tree.

Applications? Only the most effete. Best consumed on toast with sea salt, poured on top of a freshly cooked pasta, or Florentine steak just off the grill with a sprig of rosemary.

Available at Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market for a little over $16. Other varieties of green olive oil available at Di Palo in Little Italy.