‘Police Brutality Coloring Book’ Now Available


A new Occupy Wall Street-related art project: the “Police Brutality Coloring Book.” The copy states explicitly that it’s “not for kids.” The description continues:

“This is an art project/zine. 46 contemporary artists have contributed drawings in response to the recent wave of excessive force used by the police in U.S. cities.”

The list of artists includes big names like Shepard Fairey (who caught some flak for his Occupy poster and did the art for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue for “The Protester“) and Quel Beast.

You can order the coloring book, which is 48 pages, for $12 plus $2 shipping. We imagine the coloring options will be limited though — blue for blue shirts, white for white shirts, and the occasional blast of orange for pepper spray.

[via @hyperallergic]