The Cutest Guy On TV Right Now!


No, that’s not him in the above illustration — though it might be his insides.

I’m talking about the guy on the commercial for Crohn’s disease, the awful condition that has to do with “damaging inflammations” of the bowels and lots of running to the toilet.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ad (unless you were in the bathroom).

He’s a shortish, dark-haired, chiseled-faced, very attractive businessman on a plane, and he’s freaking that the lavatory is occupied.

But who cares?

Even with stuff coming down his pants, this guy is so adorable you want to instantly scoop him up and take him to Mother (after hosing him down a little).

I’m not trivializing Crohn’s disease, mind you. I know a couple of people who have it and it’s not fun.

I’m just saying he’s very fuckable, no matter what he’s got.

And I do love when illnesses are represented by telegenic hotties so you’ll care more about the cause!

Here he is: