The Saddest Celebrity Deaths of 2011


Who will you miss the most?

*Elizabeth Taylor. A legend, a goddess, an activist.

*Steve Jobs. Ditto, except for the goddess bit.

*Andy Rooney. I bet wherever he is, he’s having the last word.

*Peter Falk. Two-time Oscar nominee, but best known for years of Columbo.

*Amy Winehouse. The expression “dead too soon” was invented for her. A magnificent but doomed talent.

*Cliff Robertson. Oscar winner for Charly. He once told me he respected me a lot!

*Betty Ford. Groundbreaking first lady who changed the world for alcoholics and breast-cancer survivors.

*Sidney Lumet. Great director of Twelve Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, and so many other gritty classics.

*Sherwood Schwartz. He created Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch, but we miss him anyway!

*Clarence Clemons. The man who put sax appeal into Springsteen’s sound.

*Jane Russell. The one pair of puppies who could give Marilyn’s equal time on-screen. A sassy, classy pepperpot.

*Michael Sarrazin. So thin, so cute! A really cool co-star for both Jane Fonda and Babs Streisand.

And of course there was Harry Morgan, Andrew Embiricos, Judy Lewis, the Jackass guy, and a whole lot more.