Who Got Screwed Out Of A Golden Globe Nomination?


A whole LOT of people.

And they’re pissed, baby.

I mean they should be pissed, though they’re no doubt carrying on with great dignity and occasional bouts of inner screaming.

The Tree of Life got snubbed, even though it’s a phantasmagorically riveting filmic experience that I pretty much liked.

So did Extremely Loud & Incredibly Glenn Close or whatever it’s called.

Spielberg got bubkes for director.

And other people who’ve been getting a lot of touting — like Gary Oldman, Michael Shannon, Nick Nolte, and Melissa McCarthy — went home with an empty paper bag.

But here’s the real tragedy:

Vanessa Redgrave got snubbed for Coriolanus!

I originally had her as a favorite to win Best Supporting Actress bcause she commands the screen with rich, bravura, profoundly stirring dramatic chops and luminescence.

In one nonspeaking second, she can wipe the floor with anyone who did get nominated.

This is sad and unjust, a real travesty.

Oh, well.

She’ll live.

But I might not! Waa!