Downton Abbey Star: My Kids Think I’m Stupid!


January 8 marks the Season 2 premiere of Downton Abbey, the Masterpiece series on PBS, which has earned kudos for its wondrous mix of period dramatics and comedy-of-manners satire.

Trust me, it’s even better than the Kardashians.

After a very special screening at the Times Center last night, the stars talked to us peons, removing all social boundaries by actually addressing our questions.

Elizabeth McGovern — the Oscar nominee for Ragtime who plays Lady Grantham in Abbey — turns out to be an American married to a Brit in real life, too.

And the Brit she’s married to in real life happens to be Simon Curtis, who directed My Week With Marilyn!

But it’s not always as high-glam as it sounds.

McGovern told us, “I’ve got two British teenage girls and maybe because I speak with an American accent, they think I’m a bit stupid.

“They never listen to a word I say.”

Being from the south of Brooklyn, I totally heard what she was saying!