#GodIsNotGreat Trending on Twitter, But Only in Certain Cities


Following the announcement of Christopher Hitchens’ death at the age of 62 very early this morning, Twitter has been awash with thoughts about the man. #ChristopherHitchens is trending throughout the U.S., though not, currently, worldwide [update: now it is], and not in the U.K. But what about #GodIsNotGreat, Hitchens’ 2009 book and a phrase many equate with him?

While the tweets with that hashtag are coming through regularly, it isn’t trending nationally or even in New York City.

This caused some to suspect that Twitter had pulled the tag, to appease Christians who were allegedly (and, quite possibly) complaining. But a look at the trends of various cities disproves that. For instance, as we wrote this post, the hashtag was trending in Dallas and also San Francisco, which the Twitter user above later acknowledges.

We contacted Twitter for confirmation that they haven’t messed with any of the numbers here and will update when we hear back.

In the meantime, if you want #GodIsNotGreat to trend in your city, there’s only one thing to do — Tweet it. And to those who think it’s about something other than Christopher Hitchens, google it.

R.I.P., Christopher Hitchens.