Holly Woodlawn And I In “Nude Faces Of ’85!”


The year was 1985.

The place was the ultra-happening, multilevel East 20s dance club Danceteria.

The creator was Scott Wittman (who went on to be a co-author of some little things like Hairspray and Catch Me If You Can).

And in the middle of this super-nutty revue, Warhol star Holly Woodlawn, good-time guy Billy Gallo, and myself bounced out and did an Irving Berlin-ish sailor medley brimming with all kinds of nautical silliness and alternative-culture gumption.

And truth be told, I actually hit all my marks, hit most of my notes, and even pushed Holly once on cue.

And wait till you hear my rendition of “I’m Popeye, the Sailor Man.” You’ll gag on your spinach!