Sweden Allows Citizens to Run Its Official Twitter Account


Sweden has started a new policy of allowing one of its citizens to take over its official Twitter account every week. The policy is basically a marketing move, as expressed by the CEO of the country’s tourism agency in The Next Web’s writeup: “No one owns the brand of Sweden more than its people. With this initiative we let them show their Sweden to the world.”

They have quite the lineup planned:


Curators of Sweden is certainly an interesting idea; a variety of Swedes, including an editorial writer, a founder of an advertising agency with his own farm, a suburban writer, a priest, a teacher and a coffee-drinking trucker lesbian are all lined up to take over the account in coming weeks. The plan is that they will portray a diverse range of values, skills and ideas from across the country.

Are there any countries that could pull this off apart from Sweden? Imagine if this first guy, Jack, was running the official US of A Twitter:

[The Next Web via Gizmodo]