TSA Agent Finds Pot in Bag, Leaves It, Along With Note


Remember the brouhaha in October over the vibrator discovered by a TSA agent, who left a note in the suitcase inspected saying, knowingly, accusingly, “Get your freak on girl”? (Perhaps most upsettingly, that statement could have used a comma.) Remember how that TSA agent was hunted down and canned, post-haste? Well, the latest in missives left by TSA agents (this really should be a Tumblr, if it isn’t already), according to rapper Freddie Gibbs, who both tweeted about and took a photo of his own special TSA love note, is this mild, all-in-all rather friendly admonishment (after the jump):

Gibbs seems to have since deleted the Tweet, which said, “The TSA found my weed and let me keep it. They just left me a note. “C’mon Son”. Lol”

So, what can we take from this? Some options:

1. TSA agents are horny.
2. TSA agents look down on self-love.
3. TSA agents are bored.
4. TSA agents love pot and grudgingly respect those who bring it through security at Denver International Airport, even as they feel they should remind said persons not to do so.
5. TSA agents go through people’s bags.
6. TSA agents have pens, and know how to use them.
7. TSA agents HATE commas, but don’t mind the occasional apostrophe.
8. This TSA agent will be hunted down and canned, post-haste.

Discuss amongst yourselves!