Durex Ad Goes After ‘Uncommunicative Condom User’ Demographic


The above image (via Reddit) is an excerpt from a Durex condom print ad from India. In it, a woman coyly chews on her nails with the thought, “hmm…did he? didn’t he?” floating above her head. Full image after the jump.

According to Audience Matters, Durex is marketd by TTK-LIG Ltd in India. Speaking about Durex Jeans (condoms that are, er, blue), Durex group manager for marketing and branding Vishal Vyas told Audience Matters, “There is still lack of education as sex is a taboo topic in India. People are opening up and talking about it as family planning, and sexually transmitted diseases have become major issues. We are and will always aim to spread the message of safe and responsible sex.”

It’s good to know that people are talking about condoms with their families, maybe the next step will be with the person they are actually having sex with.