Occupy Wall Street Protests at Duarte Square: Live Updates [UPDATE]


Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are currently gathered in Duarte Square, protesting Trinity Episcopal Church’s refusal to let them use the land as a campsite. Our own Rosie Gray, Nick Pinto, and photographer C.S. Muncy are there with the “about 300” protesters (Rosie’s estimate). Follow them on Twitter (@rosiegray, @macfathom, and @CSMuncyPhoto) for information as it occurs in the field. Check back here for updates, which will be posted as we receive them.

Update [4:00 p.m.]: Rosie Gray reports that a group of protesters were just arrested after trying to jump the fence surrounding Trinity’s property. In addition, a group of clergy members were also taken into custody, but the numbers are unknown.

Earlier, photographer Zach Roberts was arrested. Fellow photographer C.S. Muncy told Rosie that a police officer threatened to take Muncy’s press card if he didn’t move and that they had been told to “take cards today.”

Rosie also tweeted, “Kid with a welt on his forehead was punched in the face by a cop. He’s crying.” [Rosie later clarified that the person who was punched “looked to be 19-20.”]

Update [4:15 p.m.]: Rosie informs us that Malory Butler and Diego Ibanez, the two hunger strikers she profiled yesterday, have been arrested. Members of the medical staff are believed to be detained as well. Reports on arrest numbers are too varying to relay at this moment.

Update [5:20]: Here are some photographs C.S. Muncy (@CSMuncyPhoto) took at Duarte Square this afternoon:

Update [6:20 p.m.]: Nick Pinto has been kettled along with protesters on 29th Street and 7th Avenue during the march that commenced from Duarte Square. He tweets, “I ask an officer if we’re getting arrested or what. He answers with a shrug.”

Update [6:24 p.m.]: Nick Pinto, along with the other people who were kettled on 29th Street and 7th Avenue, has been released. “We can leave. Told if we block the street again, we’ll be arrested.”

Update [6:37 p.m.]: The march is heading towards Times Square via 7th Avenue.

Update [6:56 p.m.]: Watch Tim Pool’s live stream of the presence in Times Square here.