Ron Paul to Jay Leno: Michele Bachmann ‘Hates’ Muslims


Last night, Ron Paul was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting his new romantic comedy Unfair Trade, in which he plays a Libertarian Congressman who won’t settle for anyone less than Ayn Rand (played by Katherine Heigl). He’s also running for president, so Leno decided to ask him some questions about his fellow GOP candidates. What ensued is a preview of your Christmas dinner: Your lovable curmudgeon of a great uncle loosens up and everyone starts to pepper him with questions just to hear the zany, off-the-cuff responses he comes up with. Before long, he’s accusing Aunt Gwen of hating Muslims and dad has to drive him back to the home. Take a look after the jump.

He started off nice enough during the back-and forth. When asked what he thinks of Romney, Paul told Leno, “He was governor of Massachusetts? That’s where he should stay at.” He had similar benign responses to the same question for Gingrich (“He should run for Speaker of the House”) and Huntsman (“He’s a good diplomat”).

His thoughts on Michele Bachmann, however, weren’t as reserved. “She doesn’t like Muslims,” Paul said, “She hates them, she wants to go get ’em.”

“Hate” is such a strong word. Perhaps, “harbors a willful ignorance towards as a political ploy to drum up support from an aging, out-of-touch base” is more appropriate.

Moving on, Jay brought up Rick Santorum and said that he seems to only talk about “gay people.” Paul corrected him, “Gay people and Muslims.”

Neither Bachmann nor Santorum’s camps have issued their responses yet. Because Ron Paul isn’t a homosexual, Santorum will likely remain silent.

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