Norwegian Blogger to Americans: ‘What if it Was You Who Didn’t Have Any Butter?’


If you are like most Americans, you are blissfully unaware of the Norwegian butter crisis. To help you catch up, here is a comprehensive recap and analysis: Norway is almost out of butter. You probably didn’t think about this as you slathered golden pads of greasy joy on your fluffy pancakes this morning. Perhaps you would be more inclined to care if the crisis had a face. Enter Tommy, a blogger from Oslo, who asks in a video both heartfelt and heartbreaking, “What if I came home to you and took your butter from your fridge?” Check out Tommy’s plea after the jump.

On his blog, Tommy clarifies some of the more controversial statements from the above video:

when I say “fuck you american pepole”
So, I mean actually not ALL! amreicanere!
Only those not taking the crisis in Norway seriously! Sjønner?

Sjønner, Tommy. Sjønner loud and clear.

We would send all of our extra butter, but the Norwegian dairy cooperative Tine has been historically coddled by your government and spared from the competition that foreign dairy trade would bring. Tariffs have been lowered, but any butter sent now would surely arrive after Christmas, which means no julekake for you.

Beklager, from the bottoms of our hearts.

A Butter message to the USA! [via Best Week Ever]