Police Question Suspect in Gruesome Elevator Fire Murder [UPDATE]


Early this morning, a man walked into the Transit District 32 building in Brooklyn reeking of gasoline and allegedly implicated himself in yesterday’s horrific murder of Doris Gillespie. NY1 reports police are currently questioning the man for the crime, which was captured on surveillance footage. The footage shows a man dressed as an exterminator cornering Gillespie in the elevator at 203 Underhill Avenue Saturday afternoon. The chilling and gruesome murder that followed is nearly unimaginable.

The man, who was wearing gloves and a protective mask, doused Gillespie with an accelerant. When she tried to escape he sprayed her face, preventing her from leaving the elevator. He then lit a Molotov cocktail and ignited the 64-year-old woman with the flames before throwing the entire incendiary device into the elevator.

Firefighters found Gillespie’s remains after controlling the blaze.

According to the Post, the man “allegedly went to a nearby apartment building and set a door on fire” before the murder, and that the Fire Department “found Molotov cocktails on the scene.”

The police have yet to charge the suspect with any crimes.

UPDATE: The identity of the man has been released: Police have formally arrested 47-year-old Jerome Isaac and he is charged with first-degree murder and arson. Delores Gillespie’s nephew tells the Post that Isaac would do chores and odd jobs for the 74-year-old woman, but she fired Isaac soon after she caught him stealing from her.

Police Question Man In Fatal Brooklyn Elevator Fire [NY1]