Runaway Golf Cart Plows Through Group of People After Football Championship [VIDEO]


The most incredible action at Saturday’s Texas 5A Division II high school football championship game occurred after the final whistle blew: An out-of-control electric cart plowed into a group of people who were standing in the middle of the field at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Rivals reports Willie Amendola, head coach of the Dekaney Wildcats, was giving an interview after his team’s 34-14 victory when the cart–which looked to be loaded with yard markers–careened driverless into him and a group of press, photographers, and stadium staff. Video after the jump.

Amendola was swept into the cart and can be seen trying to take control before abandoning those efforts and rolling off onto the artificial turf. A stadium worker was able to board the cart and stop it. The video shows him removing pylons from the area surrounding the pedals, although it is unknown whether or not that was the cause of the accident.

The AP reports that one unidentified man suffered an apparent leg injury and was taken to the hospital.

Runaway cart mows down coach after game [Rivals]


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