So, a Bishop Walks Into a Paddy Wagon…


As we reported earlier, at least 50 arrests were made yesterday as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators attempted to occupy Duarte Square and One New York Plaza. One of the most notable and vocal of the arrestees is retired Episcopalian Bishop George Packard. Packard was the first person over the fence surrounding Duarte Square, which is owned by Trinity Church. On his blog, Bishop Packard wrote before heading to the square, “I am still baffled that the Episcopal Church of which I have been a member all my life could not–through Trinity–find some way to embrace these thousands of young people in our very diminishing ranks.” Shortly after entering the land owned by his affiliated Church, police slapped cable ties around his wrists and sent him to jail.

The below video (via Newyorkist) shows Bishop Packard in the paddy wagon, speaking with his fellow detained occupiers:

Here is a video of the Bishop climbing the fence into Duarte Square and the ensuing arrests (both via Mother Jones):

Bishop Packard’s wife updated his blog, Occupied Bishop, while he was in jail. “I am heartened to know he looks pretty happy in the paddy wagon!” she wrote.

There have been no updates since, but freelance photographer Zach Roberts, who was in the paddy wagon with Packard, says he himself was released around 11 p.m last night.

paddy wagon to central booking w/ Bishop George Packard D17 [YouTube]