U.S. Troops Leave Iraq; Alleged Cop Murderers Indicted; Protests Continue in Egypt


The last American troops left Iraq earlier today after an eight-year war and conflict. CNN reports that this was the largest troop drawdown since the Vietnam War. “The United States will still maintain a presence in Iraq: hundreds of nonmilitary personnel, including 1,700 diplomats, law enforcement officers, and economic, agricultural and other experts, according to the State Department. In addition, 5,000 security contractors will protect Americans and another 4,500 contractors will serve in other roles.” [CNN]

Five men appeared in a Brooklyn courtroom and received murder indictments for the killing of police officer Peter Figoski. The Post reports “Two overflow rooms were set up to accommodate the somber throng of officers, some of whom hugged one another.” The five men are accused of robbing a drug dealer before being confronted by police officers, including Figoski. Lamont Pride allegedly shot Figoski before attempting to escape. Figoski’s partner Glenn Estrada, “who chased down and captured Pride, stayed away from the hearing.” [NYP]

Violence continued in Egypt as demonstrators flooded Tahrir Square to protest the country’s military rule. The Wall Street Journal reports “Videos circulated on social-media networks appeared to show riot-gear clad police officers dragging protesters along the asphalt, stripping female demonstrators of their clothes, beating activists with truncheons and brandishing handguns to threaten stone-throwing activists.“.

Expect a clear, chilly day with highs in the low-thirties. [TWC]