Brooklyn Junior High Has the Most Sexting Suspensions in the City


The unfortunately named (given what we’re about to say next) “Edward B. Shallow” Junior High in Bensonhurst has the dubious honor of being the New York City school with the most suspensions issued for sexting in 2010. This is more suspensions for sexting than any other city school in the last year, according to the New York Post — and, in fact, of the 500 city schools that suspended kids for sexting, only 12 other schools had 10 or more suspensions. Does this mean that the students at Edward B. Shallow sext more than other kids?

Maybe, but maybe not. While the Post quotes a few kids as saying Shallow students are “deep into sexting” (using the example of one alleged boob photo), the school itself takes a hardline policy against anything it considers sexually suggestive in terms of comments, behavior, and digital messages or images. The Department of Education discipline code goes so far as to cover any sexting the students might engage in after school hours, and Edward B. Shallow actually got an A from the DOE, partly because of Principal Brenda Champion’s zero-tolerance policy. Translations: all this enforcement (and suspensions) are a good thing.

Meanwhile, remember that recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics which revealed that not that many kids are sexting, in the first place, and that only 2.5 percent had “appeared in or created nude or nearly nude pictures or videos”?

Well, you know what they say about bad apples. Suspend them.

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