Princess Superstar’s “Xmas Swagger” Will Jingle Your Bells


The raunch-rap royalty Princess Superstar has gotten into the Christmas-music game with “Xmas Swagger,” a sweet bit of brain-velcro that gives shout-outs to shopping for seasonal accoutrements at Duane Reade, festive sweaters, and Chippendales. Yes, those Chippendales, who are still kicking, albeit in an extremely aesthetically different form. (R.I.P. hairy chests.) The video, in which the Princess spreads holiday cheer down 125th Street and gives a nod to how much cleanup one has to do in order to get one’s house ready for entertaining by performing in front of a venerable mountain of paper towels, after the jump.

2011 has been an unusually robust year for new holiday-music offerings, no? Princess Superstar is allowing the remix-minded to get in the game with an acapella take on the song; yesterday she also performed the song live on a holiday-music-themed episode of The Mike & Judy Show, Mike Edison and Seattle Weekly dating columnist Judy McGuire’s show on the online radio station Heritage Radio Network. I was on the show too talking about this year’s crop of festive tracks (seriously, have you heard that Lloyd song yet??) and if you listen hard you can hear me singing along!