Savor the Rainbow! Kutsher’s Helps Colorize Your Holidays.


You’ve heard it a million times: _______ is the new cupcake. However, should so much time be spent on the search for an updated sickeningly sweet dessert trend?

We think not. Instead, we’ll point you toward one of our favorite treats come holiday season (well, really any time of year will work): the rainbow cookie. Sometimes referred to as a seven-layer or tricolor cookie, this finger-size cake is made up of layers of almond and marzipan-like sponge, joined together with raspberry jam and sealed with a top and bottom layer of chocolate. They can be found at most Italian bakeries in places like Arthur Avenue in the Bronx; Whitestone, Queens; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; and Manhattan’s Little Italy, and as part of every cookie platter ever brought to a Jewish shiva call (the gathering of friends and family post-funeral).

However, an excellent version can also now be found on the dessert menu at Kutsher’s Tribeca. In addition to the moist, bite-sized duo that you’ll receive if you opt to order the restaurant’s cookie platter, your eyes will widen when you discover the Rainbow Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae. In addition to the actual cookie having two more layers (one blue and one orange) than you’re used to, they’ll be swirled into vanilla ice cream, squirted with hot fudge, and topped with marshmallow fluff. Yes … marshmallow fluff.

It’s a showstopper — and supposedly one of the weeks-old restaurant’s most popular dessert orders. Served in an old-fashioned, soda-jerk style, tall glass, it’s a throwback treat with a lot of class. The rainbow cookies are just the icing on the cake sundae.