The Seasonal Ice Skating Wedding Proposals Have Begun


It’s that time of year again! The time when you go to a public place with ice and skate about to cheesy piped-in tunes with your boy or girlfriend and suddenly, awash in love, rosy from the fresh air, he or she proposes. Fortunately, there is an audience of your peers to videotape and comment upon the momentous event. And fortunately, also, you say yes, because…does anyone ever say no? We want to see that video.

At least in this case the enthusiastic peanut gallery, who totally CALL THIS, pronounce the adorable couple adorable and the proposer “a good one.” Congrats, adorable couple.

May we all live vicariously through someone else this season, in our own chosen way. Also, lookie! Marriage is not dead, just yet, despite recent stats.

Someone, quick, trump this proposal with a flash mob on the ice. We’re waiting.