The Winey Neighbor Offers Prospect Heights Wine and Music Pairings


Oenophiles in Prospect Heights will be pleased to discover that a new boutique wine shop has opened in the neighborhood. Run by husband and wife Kenneth Hung and Young Jung, the Winey Neighbor (679 Washington Avenue, 345-715-6693) sets itself apart from other liquor stores in the neighborhood because every bottle in the store is paired with a music recommendation.

“All the wines are tasted before we select them for our store, and we make a nice food and music pairing for every single bottle we carry!” explains Young. “It’s an effort of love and passion.” Young notes that they don’t have any background in music, but that they are both into food, and Young even launched the website Cheap Ass Food several years ago.

Each bottle in the store comes tagged with a card that explains the region, varietal, flavor notes, and suggested musicians whose records would go well with the bottle. Selected pairings include Old Plains Raw Power, an Australian Shiraz, with Neil Young and Iggy Pop; Drappier Brut Nature, a French brut, with Giacomo Puccini or Tom Jones; and Evohé Garnacha, a Spanish Garnacha, with Cat Power and Ben Folds Five.

Most bottles in the shop are priced below $20 because the owners wanted to emphasize affordability. And no, they don’t carry the Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Red Blend wine. But that’s probably a good thing.