Divine Lived For Christmas!


Plus-sized drag superstar Divine will be forever equated with Christmas, partly because Divine’s character, Dawn Davenport, threw that classic fit over not having gotten cha cha heels from Santa in 1974’s Female Trouble.

And a new book called Postcards From Divine — which contains cards Divvy wrote to his folks from all over the word, plus testimonials from friends and co-stars — says he personally loved that holiday, and not just for the candy.

According to designer Zandra Rhodes:

“When I said we had to go to the Covent Garden Flower Market at 4 a.m. to get the Christmas tree, he woke me up at quarter to 4 with a cup of tea like a fabulous excited child already in his winter coat with pixie hood, making me hurry to get ready.

“He would never take second best when it came to Christmas decoration.

“He’d lay leisurely on the low couch in my house with a wand and say, ‘You need another ball over there’ and his lackeys would continue to do the decorating!

“He looked so wonderful that Christmas in his red chiffon kaftan with gold beading, holding court to all our friends including Larry Hagman and eating chocolates!”


My new Christmas motif will involve laying on a low couch and barking “You need another ball over there!” to Larry Hagman.