Elevators Have Become Terrifying! Take The Stairs!


It was just a few days ago that I read in the Times about a woman named Suzanne Hart who “was crushed to death after the elevator she was stepping into lurched upward, pinning her between the outside of the car and the wall of the elevator shaft.”

What a way to go!

Interestingly, the Madison Avenue building’s elevator had been repaired just hours before that horrifying incident, and it must have been a helluva job!

Well, just as I started wondering if endless flights of stairs might not be that unpalatable after all, I got my head-spinning confirmation — a whole other nightmarish elevator scenario, and this one was no accident!

As you’ve no doubt heard, alleged homicidal pyromaniac Jerome Isaac reportedly wanted to get back at Delores Gillespie, a 70-something Brooklyn lady whom he claimed owed him money for handiwork, though her relatives say she’d fired him for stealing and lived in absolute terror of him.

Poor Delores found herself victimized in her elevator when the door opened and the incendiary Isaac sadistically doused her with gasoline.

The crazed creature then ignited her with a barbecue lighter and tossed a firebomb her way, performing the most grotesque killing since the heyday of Sam Peckinpah films.

And the stairs are starting to look amazing!

A much healthier way to go!