Little Girl Acts Like a Modern Woman to Make a Mockery of All of Us


In a video that will be oddly reminiscent of all of our lives (except we don’t drive, and we rarely threaten to sue — only if we’re really, really angry), here is a little girl living the life of a modern woman: Wake up, dress, go to work, work (mediocre typing included), go home, eat dinner (and wine), and do it all over again. Yep, sounds about right. Except she does it cuter than we do.

Where’s the video of the single, adult woman living the life of a little girl, though? That, we might actually want to emulate. We’re ever so tired of Sex and the City reruns. Plus, a wild run through the park while screeching our heads off and being chased by our mom or dad might do us good.

O.K., back to work. [Type, type, type.]

VIDEO: Little girl portrays the life of the “modern woman,” with hilarious results [TP]