NY Lifts Ban on Burying Human Ashes in Pet Cemeteries, to Pet Lovers’ Delight


New York state has OK’d the burying of human ashes in pet cemeteries, reversing a ban put in place earlier this year. According to an AP report, the decision comes after one lawyer’s campaign to honor the wishes of her late uncle, who wanted to be buried next to his wife and their two dogs. One cat lover told the Post that the ban’s reversal “was sort of like an early Christmas present.

There are restrictions on the practice still; pet cemeteries can’t advertise that they accept human remains nor charge a fee for doing so, and they have to warn customers that by choosing the pet cemetery as their final resting place they would give up certain protections (e.g. restrictions on removal).

At the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester, the oldest in the nation apparently, dozens of people who are into the idea of being buried in a pet cemetery “applauded” the ban’s reversal this past weekend. More than 500 people are buried in that cemetery.