Someone Apparently Shot a Window Out of a Cab on Avenue A Last Night


EV Grieve reports (with photos) that someone allegedly “blew out the window” of a cab last night at Avenue A near 14th Street. Per the tipster, Matt LES_Miserable, police were on the scene and the driver was “very shaken up” and said a passenger had shot out his window. The hows and whys are unclear, though it seems quite evident this is not how to persuade someone to take you to Brooklyn.

DCPI couldn’t confirm and didn’t have further information on the alleged shooting. (If anyone saw this go down, get in touch!)

While often we complain about the behavior of cabbies, and often for good reason, we find ourselves siding with the driver in this case. Let’s not make this a trend.

Passenger shoots out cab window at Avenue A [EV Grieve]