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Go See Alvin Ailey! I Did!


Remove your eyeballs from that tawdry reality show and especially the disturbing commercials for Lunesta!

Lift your head out of all those skeevy gossip blogs and smarmy-opinion-laden columns (except mine)!

Instead, get thee to City Center to see the Alvin Ailey dance troupe, which I do every December as my sole nod to culture for the year.

You will take in a diverse program (it mixes around every night) consisting of history and pride and shimmery stretching and fabulous flaunting.

These dancers are all top-drawer, every one of them capable of both ensemble precision and solo star turns.

I saw them do “Uptown,” a loosely structured tribute to the Harlem Renaissance, complete with stomping at the Savoy and high-tailing it to the Cotton Club.

Also “Cry,” an alternately mournful and jubilant one-woman piece choreographed by Ailey himself and beautifully performed by Linda Celeste Sims.

And “The Hunt,” a heavily percussive, jungle jazzin’ male-cleavage-enhanced number that brought down the house, the applause adding to the drumbeat insinuatingly stuck in my head for the night.

So go see Ailey!

It’s the real Dancing With the Stars.