Jennifer Hudson Loves Mama Oprah!


In her new book, I Got This, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson talks about her closeness with Oprah Winfrey, whom she lovingly calls Mama O.

“I always tease her and say that she is the queen and I am a princess,” writes Hudson.

“Oprah is one of the few people I’ve come to know through my career who will take the time to talk to me and tell it to me like it is.

“Whether I want to hear it or not, Oprah tells the truth.

“And if you’re smart, you’ll listen.

“I say a lot of ‘Yes, ma’ams’ when we get together.

“Oprah will say what she has to say one time.”

Yes, ma’am.

And just like Hudson’s departed mother, it’s always from the heart — which is why Hudson calls her Mama O.

I prefer to call her Moms OW!, and, honey, I’m the queen.

Anyway, the JHud/Mama O tightness started when Mama O called JHud to say she’d seen Dreamgirls and her performance was “a religious experience.”

Still waiting for Moms OW! to lift up the receiver and congratulate me on my own unforgettable version of “And I Am Telling You …”