Protesting Dog Butchers, Chinese Performance Artist Strips


Performance artist Pian Shankong caged in front of a dog butcher

The Shanghaiist reports that 40-year-old performance artist Pian Shankong stripped down to his tighty-whities and scrunched himself into a dog cage to protest the butchering of dogs for food in the province of Guizhou, which lies in south-central China.

The temperature hovered around 40 degrees as he occupied the cage on wet pavement, surrounding by dog tallow and entrails. A dog carcass hung from a pole, betokening the wares of the stall.

Pian is quoted as saying: “I do urge you not to eat dog meat. We love promoting small animals, protection of human faithful friend.”

Pian looks none too comfortable as he squats in the cage.

Thanks to Christine Karatnytsky (@ckaratnytsky) for the link.