Chris Christie: It Would Be ‘Presumptuous’ to Rule Out Vice-Presidential Bid


Frequently bombastic New Jersey governor Chris Christie said on Fox News today that it would be “presumptuous” of him to say no to running on Mitt Romney’s ticket for vice president if the opportunity was offered to him. Christie endorsed Romney last month. Early in the interview, Politico reports, Christie said that the idea of his running alongside Romney hadn’t been brought up. But if it did:

“Running for president, that’s my decision and [wife] Mary Pat’s decision alone. We decide that. Vice president’s the decision of only one person — whoever the nominee of your party is. I think it’s awful to say I won’t do something when it hasn’t been offered.”

For decorum’s sake, Christie maintained that he didn’t really think he’d be offered the VP gig. “I think if you fast forward the tape to a year from now, I think it’s going to be president-elect Romney and some other vice president-elect and Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey,” he said.