Controversy Over Biggie Mural in Fort Greene


Who should get credit for a mural of Biggie Smalls designed by a 21-year-old Parsons student and painted by artists CERN and Lee Quinones? The mural was commissioned by the owner of Habana Outpost in Fort Greene, and features the famous Che Guevara photo that adorns a million t-shirts with the Notorious B.I.G. in place of the Cuban revolutionary.

CERN painted the mural onto the wall, and Lee Quinones painted the pigeons that surround it. But now Parsons student John Garcia is saying that he should receive credit for submitting the original design (if “original” is the right word in this case).

Sean Meenan, the owner of Habana Outpost, told the Brooklyn Paper that “the mural is what it is. It’s done.” His website is the only one credited on the painting.

John Garcia designed the image and was paid for the work, but is taking issue with the fact that he wasn’t credited. He told the BP, “One of the founding things when I negotiated it was that my name was on the wall, and I would have liked it to be there. It’s my work and I’d like it to be treated as such.”

It’s not that “original” to rework that same old Che photo for the thousandth time. Then again, it’s pretty easy to slap someone’s name on the wall.

[via Animal NY]