Occupy Albany, One of the Longest-Running Occupations, Is Being Evicted


Occupy Albany, one of the longest-lasting Occupy encampments — and the only one to issue specific demands — is currently being evicted, according to Capital Tonight’s Twitter feed.

The Albany occupiers recently issued a list of demands that include ending corporate personhood and changing the incentives structure for elected officials. They also notably put pressure on Governor Cuomo by focusing early on in their demonstrations on the Millionaire’s Tax. Cuomo and state legislative leaders recently agreed to change New York State’s income tax code, reducing the tax rate for middleclass taxpayers.

As for the eviction, currently ongoing as of 2:46 p.m.: Capital Tonight’s Twitter notes that “This is not the ‘military style operation’ that the NYPD conducted at Zuccotti.”

Occupy Albany spokeswoman Hezzie Johanson just told the Voice that the Department of General Services and the police started moving into the encampment about 20 minutes ago. She said that their permit to camp out overnight in Academy Park across from the State Capitol expired today.

Occupier Dan Robins, 25, who is currently on-site, tells us that there are about two dozen protesters there and that many have formed a human circle around the information tent. Are they willing to be arrested? “Some are, some aren’t,” Robins said.

He noted that the authorities are currently still taking down tents and removing items and haven’t reached the human chain yet.

Update 3:16 p.m.: More photos of the eviction from Dan Robins.