5 Drinks to Cure That Post-Holiday Hangover


So while the efficacy of the hangover patch remains in question, it’s time to explore some of New York City’s other remedies that aim to cure that splitting headache and bleary-eyed-ness that comes after a night of fun ringing in the holidays. Or any Friday night, for that matter. Behold a selection of drinks from some of the city’s juice bars and restaurants that promise to help stop hangovers.

Healthfully Organic Market (98 East 4th Street, 212-598-0777) has one whopper of a smoothie to help “rehydrate, alkalize, and detox” you. The anti-inflammatory smoothie — appropriately called the Hangover Helper — is made with coconut water, green magma, pineapple, and aloe juice.

Ginger is known to help settle stomachs, so it’s not surprising to find it in Upper West Side veggie haven Peacefood Café’s Hangover Cure. That juice blend combines apple, orange, celery, and carrot juices, plus a hearty dose of the spicy rhizome.

A similarly prepared drink can be found at Murray Hill health food eatery Healthy Oasis. Their No More Hangover smoothie combines oranges, bananas, carrots, and beets, adding in echinacea, which is believed to be an immunostimulator.

Retro mini-chain Big Daddy’s departs from the classic ginger-and-apple combos with its Hangover Helper shake, yogurt blended with strawberry and raspberry purees. Sounds a little acidic if you have a hangover, but maybe berries work secret wonders.

And finally, if you’re the type to go with the hair-of-the-dog cure, check out the Anti-Hangover Mary at Yerba Buena Perry. The Bloody Mary-inspired drink is made with vitamin B12-infused Svedka, plus tomato and lemon juices and Tapatío hot sauce.

Best part of all: You don’t actually need to have a hangover to enjoy these drinks!