Keith Olbermann And I Dish Half-Naked Republicans!





Vanity Fair has posted a hilarious mock calendar of various Repuglicans in various states of undress.

(At least I think they’re fake photos. The Repugs’ real nudie spreads are no doubt buried somewhere deep inside their cell phones.)

So on last night’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann, I got to deliciously dig into the lineup:

A John Boehner who doesn’t have a boehner.

A Rick Santorum who looks like a denizen of the Mine Shaft.

A Herman Cain who’s serving a slice of olive pizza because he’s already served the pepperoni.

A Rick Perry who demurely covers his privates with one finger because he can.

And on and on, until you don’t even gag when Chris Christie pops up as the poster boy for Bear Nation who clearly should never be bare again.

Keith even shows my own photo spread as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe, as Barry White sings sweet nothings in the background and I declare it the end of civilization.

Watch the clip and I guarantee you a boehner.