Mayor Bloomberg Disapproves of Low-Riding Pants, Defends Right to Wear Them


On his weekly John Gambling radio show appearance, Mayor Bloomberg touched on the issue of young men wearing their pants hanging down, a topic near and dear to old people everywhere.

A caller named Eddie called in to tell the mayor about an incident on the bus in which a young man with low-hanging pants stood near his young daughter. “There was a gentleman on the bus with his pants down, I mean really grossly down,” Eddie said.

“What I had to do since his crotch was in my daughter’s face, I had to go and whisper sweet nothings in his ear and he moved to the back of the bus,” Eddie continued.

The mayor and John Gambling chuckled heartily. “I don’t want to say all’s well that end’s well, but…” said the mayor.

“I will say in my generation and John’s generation, we did not wear our pants hanging down,” Bloomberg said. “It’s a fine balance. People should be allowed to dress the way they want. On the other hand there are decency standards, people aren’t allowed to walk around naked.”

He finished by warning Eddie that more challenging times with his daughter could lay ahead. “Someday your daughter could come home with green hair like one of mine did,” the mayor said.