The Kardashian Mom Was The Original Rebecca Black! Worst Video Ever!


Kris Jenner, the famed Kardashian mom, was always a spotlight craver, it turns out.

Social archaeologists have found that she did a video in the ’80s to celebrate turning 30 — and whoever posted it on YouTube has accurately compared it to that rotten Rebecca Black song.

It’s that mind-numbingly banal.

To the tune of Randy Newman‘s “I Love L.A.,” Kris exults about her great network of confidantes and fellow partiers as an endless array of smarmy types sharkily smile at the camera and try to return the favor.

I’m serious!

Kris drives from Bible studies to Valentino to a treadmill workout while flatly singing “I love my friends” intercut with those very pals (mostly boutique owners, hairdressers, and future psychos) awkwardly screeching “She loves you!”

Perhaps the creepiest moment of all is the clip of pre-lethal O.J. Simpson making a crazed grinning face and throwing his hands up, then dropping the grin and looking extra deranged.

Also get a load of the below shot from the video — one that ominously brings together the Simpsons and the Kardashians into a veritable Mount Rushmore of weird.

(Kris’s then-hubby Robert was years later on the legal team that got O.J. off for the double killings. Not only that, Robert let O.J. stay in his house right after the killings and was seen disposing of the garment bag that contained … well, only Satan knows.)

And Kris loved her friends?