The Truth About Pedophilia


I just got through chastising that Penn State coach all over again for his shady doings with the kids, but in looking back on that scandal, let me remind everyone that turning this into some kind of anti-gay cautionary tale is absolutely absurd.

Some family-values councils insisted on doing just that when the story exploded, using it to further their homophobic agenda as they sputtered that gays shouldn’t be allowed near young ones and Penn State was the proof!

But as Media Matters For America points out:

*The APA reports that scientific research has found no credible link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

*Expert says, “Evidence of homosexuality-pedophile link is misinterpreted and methodologically flawed.”

And furthermore, “Men who molest young boys aren’t necessarily gay”!

Sometimes they’re even married to a woman!

The truth, my dear haters, is that most pedophiles happen to be straight!

Does that mean we should outlaw heterosexuality?