Handy Guide to FiTR Xmas Coverage, Including Last-Minute Gift Suggestions


This year, Fork in the Road pulled out all the stops in our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa coverage, giving you hints on where to shop and what gifts to buy, and examining holiday rituals from a cynical point of view. Here is a guide to our coverage, in case you haven’t had enough of the holidays already.

Lauren Shockey gave us tips on what to eat when exploring the innumerable pop-up holiday markets, at Union Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and the South Street Seaport. Those shopping areas are all open today, by the way, for last-minute gift acquisition.

Robert Sietsema played the dorkiest Christmas song of all time, from the Fast Food Rockers.

Victoria Bekiempis spoke with Hope, Faith, and Gluttony’s Hope Jones on baking Christmas cookies, among other things.

Lauren Shockey recommended dragon beard candy for holiday snacking.

Lauren Bloomberg explored a new Hanukkah treat popular in Israel, sufganiyots.

Lauren Shockey provided a gift guide with tips as to what kind of booze to buy for every person on your list.

Lauren Bloomberg pointed out some private party spaces fit for holiday bashes.

Lauren Shockey enumerated seven spots to eat the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Lauren Bloomberg wrote passionately about artisanal eggnog.

Robert Sietsema took a picture of the jerry-can Christmas tree at Chelsea Market, in hopes it would motivate you to contribute to a charity that provides clean water to the third world.

Hair of the dog: Lauren Shockey suggests five drinks to help you dispel holiday hangovers.

Victoria Bekiempis preached the Top 10 Food Moments in the Bible.

Lauren Shockey begged you not to buy Guy Fieri jewelry for Xmas.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop encourages you to celebrate Festivus, according to Lauren Shockey.

Lauren Shockey interviewed Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg about pairing wine with sweet holiday treats.

Finally, we made a whole slew of holiday gift suggestions, including:


An entire leg of prosciutto

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook

Gourmet play kitchens for kids

Chocolate baguette slices

Stoner food

Crocheted sushi!

New green olive oil

Caffeinated gourmet marshmallows

A biology-theme teapot

A nutty wine aerator

Animal drink coasters

A dog bank that “eat” coins

Hair mayonnaise! Feed your hair like you feed your stomach

For the cook who has nearly everything: paring knives

Zoku, the ice pop maker