White People On Reddit Wonder Why They Have Never Been Stopped And Frisked


This morning a white “normal” New Yorker woke up, walked over to his computer, and asked his fellow members of the online community Reddit, “Any white “normal” looking nyers that have ever been stopped and frisked by cops?” Although terribly phrased and pretty racist, the question is kind of intriguing. As Steven Thrasher reported in this year’s feature “The White Mayor’s Burden,” “According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, more than 600,000 New Yorkers were stopped and frisked last year. Of them, 317,642 were black (53 percent), and 190,491 were Latino (32 percent). Just 55,083 (9 percent) were white.” So who are the “lucky” white NY’ers who get harassed by the NYPD like everybody else? Some of the more noteworthy answers after the jump.

It’s good to see that Lostinservice assertively refused to consent to his search:

Yep, two plainclothes officers stopped a friend and I as we were coming back from a bodega after buying some snacks. They pulled over really quickly, a male and female got out and came up to us quickly and attempted to frisk us. My immediate reaction was we’re getting robbed so I swatted the female’s hands off of me defensively. The other guy identified them as cops and I told them I’m not consenting to a search and if they’re not detaining me or arresting me I’ll be on my way. I saw the DVD a couple months before the incident, the one about handling the police, and despite the natural anxiety of being stopped by the cops still told them to essentially fuck off in a polite and legal manner.
I’m white. Hell, I’m half Belorussian which translates to white Russian. Even though I tan really well I wasn’t at the time.
Edit: Figured I’d add my friend was also white and this happened in my predominantly Asian/Russian/Italian neighborhood.
Edit 2: This happened 4 years ago.

Other_world, a Mediterranean long haired fellow, gives some tips to avoid the 5-0:

I am Italian, Portuguese, and Syrian and I have very tan (olive) skin, shoulder length hair (I’m a guy) and I grew a beard recently. I have never been searched or even was stared down by cops. The key is to keep your face in a book and your headphones on. While I’m sure blacks and latinos get searched more and that’s wrong, I think the key to avoid being search is just avoid looking like you’re doing anything wrong, even if you are. I’ve walked past cops holding Cannabis (for personal use, not for sale) without a problem. So no I’ve never been searched, even though I’m a less-than-normal looking mostly white male.

User justinleonforthewin takes the cake for his/her great snark:

I am black and i never been stopped or frisked.
Do i win a prize?