5 Great Sitcom Christmas Episodes to Watch on YouTube


Because we’ve already scarred you with five barely watchable Christmas movies available on Netflix Instant, here are five great TV Christmas episodes you can watch on YouTube. They all come with a valuable lesson at the end , so be sure to watch each one in its entirety if you are a sanctimonious prick.

The Brady Bunch, “The Voice of Christmas”
Carol loses her voice days before she is scheduled to sing at church and Cindy asks a mall Santa to heal her. Be sure to check out Florence Henderson’s rendition of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” at the end. Shit, I gave away the payoff.

Family Matters, “Christmas is Where the Heart Is”
Steve Urkel and Carl Winslow get caught on an El train on Christmas Eve with some very frustrated passengers. Hilarity and heartwarming lessons ensue.

Bewitched, “Humbug Not to be Spoken Here”
Darren has a Scrooge-like client and Samantha teaches him a Scrooge-like lesson. This is a Dick York episode so if you are a Dick Sargent fan, celebrate another holiday, jackass.

The Jeffersons, “984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C”
Holy moly, this is a touching episode. George has been sending letters to an apartment in Harlem and Weezy gets suspicious. She goes to check it out, finds a surprise, and then you cry into the Snuggie your insufferably ironic older brother gave you.

Alf, “Alf’s Special Christmas”
This is a two-parter. They may not celebrate Christmas on Melmac, but that doesn’t stop Alf from learning about its true meaning.