Last Year’s Blizzard Cost The City Over $1.8 Million In Claims


The weather today is nothing to bitch about. The sun is shining, it’s a positively balmy 45ish degrees. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop bitching about last year’s horrible weather. In fact, the Associated Press reports that the city, as of December 23, has paid $1,855,152.53 in claims resulting from what some called Snowmageddon. Remember that? The feeling of being trapped inside our apartments or — the horror — outside of the city as snow pummeled our dear streets?

Ah, the memories. Thundersnow. Flights canceled. Some assholes skiing to work. A whole bunch of people stuck on the A train overnight. (That one memory happened to have slipped the MTA’s mind.) This:

In the mess 1,196 claims were filed. Of those 620 have been settled, and the rest are, according to the AP, either being investigated or have been dismissed. So, who got the most out of the city for their snow-induced misery?

Among the largest settlements was $150,000 for a man who said he had slipped and fallen in a parking lot that had become snowy and icy after it was improperly shoveled by the city, the comptroller’s office said. Another $100,000 went to a Brooklyn cemetery where headstones were damaged after snow dumped against a fence caused it to collapse.

All that goes to say, maybe we should stop being pissed about how we aren’t getting a white Christmastime this year, and keep in mind how crappy last year’s turned out to be.

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