Merry Day-After-Christmas! It’s Still (Technically) A Holiday


Good morning one and all. How was your Christmas? Did you occupy something? A movie theater perhaps? Though Santa has already been tracked, presents have already been opened, and some of us have had our traditional fill of Chinese food, it’s still technically a holiday today, according to the government. So, Merry Christmas, round two! We have compiled some of the things New York City tells us we should expect for this day-after-day.

  • Subways are running on Saturday schedules and buses are running on Sunday schedules, according to the MTA.
  • That card that you just know is coming from your great aunt containing a $10 bill is not going to be delivered today; post offices aren’t open.
  • The remnants of the Christmas goose might get a little stinky: no garbage pick up.
  • There is no alternate side parking, but, if you or one of your relatives who just won’t leave happens to be in town with a car, know that there is no need to feed the meters.

Now that you know all that, go shopping. It’s Mega Monday. Or don’t, if you want to avoid the insanity. (That said, it should be added that we have total respect for this girl who PIX 11 found at 6 a.m. in Secaucus returning a doll because it looked like Kim Kardashian.)

So maybe shopping isn’t the best idea, how about a trip to a pub? The British are celebrating Boxing Day. What exactly is Boxing Day? According to this 2009 Time article, no one really seems to know. Anyway, now is still a time to be thankful you don’t have any sort of transit strike to contend with, like people in London do.

And while we are on the subject of thanking the powers that be, remember the weather at this time last year? Well, the National Weather Service forecasts a 47 degree high for today. Enjoy!