Wolf-Dogs And Pigeons And Hawks, Oh My! The Animals Of The City Make News This Holiday


This holiday was a good one for adorable animals in trouble. A wolf-dog, a troubled pigeon, and an NYU hawk were all recipients of goodwill from human compatriots. Here, we bring you those stories, in a round-up of the animal stories that have captured our hearts over the past couple of days.

First, via Gothamist, we have the story of the wolf-dog who was found taking in the sights in Brooklyn Tuesday. By Thursday no one had come forward to claim our illegal friend, the New York Post reported. But it seems that Howling Woods Farm, a “breed-specific animal shelter that rescues and places domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds,” gave her a place to stay, according to A Great Big City. Our wolf-dog apparently goes by the name “Rosie.” Here’s a video Gothamist and A Great Big City posted. We must, say, Rosie doesn’t look very Call of the Wild, at least in demeanor.

Update: 4:42 p.m. We had put in a call to Howling Woods and we just heard back from president Michael Hodanish. Hodanish explained that the video posted on Gothamist and A Great Big City is actually not of our Brooklyn canine. “Rosie” is from Ohio. The Brooklyn dog’s name was “Lady,” though the farm is changing it to “Winona.” There will be a “Winona” video shortly. Winona is “doing great,” Hodanish said. “She’s not dangerous at all. She’s very social.”

Update: 4:52 p.m. And though Rosie’s cute, here we have the video of Winona.

Next, the New York Post tells us the tale of Fred the pigeon today. Fred the pigeon was an angry bird who made his home at the 9/11 memorial. He had gotten a bit of a reputation in the neighborhood for “dive-bombing” cops. But opera singer/wildlife rehabilitator, Jennifer Dudley, noticed that Fred was sickly, and eventually caught him Tuesday night. The pair took a cab ride home. Now Fred’s staying with another rehabilitator and will likely become a pet. Dudley told the Post the bird has “chutzpah,” but added that “he doesn’t know how to be a New York pigeon.”

Over at City Room we learn the latest in the saga of Violet, one of the NYU hawks. Violet has been suffering with what blogger Roger_Paw calls a “dead leg.” The other leg has an infection called “bumblefoot.” In order to get her some help, “Raptor rehabilitators” Robert and Cathy Horvath captured her on Christmas Eve in Washington Square Park. Roger_Paw posted today about Violet taking her meds (she does so via cut up mouse).

But not all adorable animals stories were heartwarming sagas of rescue and redemption. Here, Gothamist noted that a downtown N train was delayed yesterday because of a hawk pursuing a duck on the tracks.